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The Pursuit of Less

19 Aug

This was very enlightening..Anna is so inspiring – I love her blogs!!


The pursuit of less.

I have typed and retyped this line.  I started off listing monumental events and pursuits for the last three years, but, honestly, that annoyed me.  I do it.  The list of busy.  We all do it because somehow hearing it makes us feel justified in our crazy town schedule. Deep inside you want someone to rescue you.

I will share this. After a three-year, intense doctorate program and an eventful year–graduation and my oldest daughter’s engagement and wedding– I found myself in a place.  I can’t even describe it to you.  It’s not a bad or sad place.  Just a place.

Once I hit the main street station of this place, and I realized that my train was not coming (no one is going to rescue me), I sat in the lobby of life, and God poured out a message.

Pursue Me.

Pursue less.

When I…

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Be Courageous and Kind

14 Mar

Being courageous and kind ..what a great blog from Anna…There are times you have to be courageous to be kind..when we approach those we don’t know, or those who we may consider our “enemies” and we are not sure how we will be responded to…


We took our daughter and cousins to see the new Cinderella movie for her birthday present.  There were many noteworthy scenes that one could apply to life and discuss a deeper meaning.  The common theme was the challenge to be “courageous and kind”. On her death-bed, Cinderella’s mother told her these words of wisdom to carry her through the challenges in life:

Random Acts of Kindness Quote

I thought deeply about the combination of courage and kindness.  Typically a courageous person is filled with assertiveness and power; yet, kindness brings healing along with the courage.  Healing for the courageous person, and healing to others.

Jesus was the ultimate courageous and kind person.  He faced many different situations, unfair treatment, cruelty, challenging people, and uncertainty with courageous kindness.

Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.  Ephesians 4:32

Cinderella was kind when kindness was hard.  She was courageous when…

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The Man Called Jesus

9 Dec

A great time of year to read about who Jesus was…


Several years ago, Victoria and I sang a duet by Selah called “There is a Fountain”.  There is a few lines in this old hymn that gets me every time.

The dying thief rejoiced to see
That fountain in His day;
And there may I, though vile as he,
Wash all my sins away.

The original author of this old hymn is William Cowper who struggled a lifetime with feelings of unworthiness and depression, but found redemption through Jesus, and encouragement from one of his best friends, John Newton, who was redeemed from his life of slave trade to pastor and wrote the old hymn, “Amazing Grace”.  These two friends worked in ministry together and wrote hymns together.

A partnership based on the love of Jesus.

It was during that time in which we sang the duet at church that God spoke to my heart about the dying thief.  I…

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With a breath of kindness blow the chaff away….

19 Nov

This was a great read – sure made me stop and think…


God amazes and overwhelms me. His Word is filled with truth that confounds the wise.  There are verses that are so familiar that they have been quoted on souvenirs in the most unlikely places and shops.  They sound profound, but do we truly practice them?  God’s Word is not sentiment.  God’s Word is to be practiced with reverential awe and respect that demonstrates that we believe His Word to be true.  His Word can change us.

The age-old problem.

Getting along with those who hurt you, or offend you.

There are four things God specifically tells you to do. When you read this, you’ll either say, “You are crazy–not doing that!” or you’ll think lofty thoughts from your couch–“Yes! Jesus, you are awesome!  I can do that!”

But, then….

It happens.  You are offended and/or hurt.

Will you obey, or justify your actions and feelings?  Let’s assume that we are…

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A Dog Barking

18 Nov

We never know how God is speaking to attention!


He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.  Ecclesiastes 3:11

This verse sums up our Bible study session in Woman of Worth Mentoring Ministries last night.


God has planted eternity in our hearts.  We long for something more than this world can give.  When we think of our day-to-day activities it seems insignificant in light of eternity; yet, God holds our every moment.  Every moment counts.

Which one is it?  It matters, or it doesn’t matter?

David Jeremiah provided a historical fiction occurrence in the story of Joseph.  Imagine when Joseph was thrown in jail and falsely accused if a way was made for him to escape.  After all, he was unjustly sold into slavery and falsely accused.  All of a sudden, a dog barks, and a soldier’s attention…

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Extravagant Love: Receive and Give

5 Nov

Celebrating life – living and loving with all your heart and soul. Being thankful everyday for God’s gifts of grace and mercy!


In Mark chapter 14 a woman comes to Jesus and pours expensive perfume on His head.  She did this act of extravagant love surrounded by those who quickly found fault with her–judging her, and giving her advice.  I’ve grown up with this passage, and it always moves me.  Joyce Meyer took this passage and gave an even greater, deeper meaning for me.  The woman chose to love extravagantly, and Jesus, the Son of God, was deeply touched by her act of love.  It prepared Him for the difficult journey ahead.  Wasteful? Perhaps.  Could she have sold it and purchased food for the poor.  Yes.  Was the act necessary for Jesus to carry out His work on the cross? Nothing would stop Jesus’ act of love for us.

…..Some of the people there became angry. They said to one another, “Why waste this perfume?It could have been sold for more…

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Consecration of Healing Ministry

27 Oct

Today at church, John Fair, our pastor, consecrated me for the work of healing and prayer and the anoiting of oil.  He has been very supportive and encouraging in my healing work for the past two years and wanted me to take the next step.  It meant so much to me…I know the Holy Spirit moves through me when I lay my hands on people during a massage or doing body/energy work.  I do not consider myself a “healer” per say, but a conduit through which God’s loving, healing energy goes through to those in need.   John has encouraged me to “own” the fact that I am a healing minister for the Lord.  I pray that this step brings me closer to God and that I continue to grow in faith, providing healing to those in need – let me see God’s will and to align my human thoughts and actions with His.

He used James 5:13-14

Is any among you afflicted?  Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms.

Is any sick among you?  Let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anoiting him with oil in the name of the Lord.

I also received a beautiful brass oil stock for the anoiting oil.  I feel so blessed in so many ways!




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