The Pursuit of Less

19 Aug

This was very enlightening..Anna is so inspiring – I love her blogs!!


The pursuit of less.

I have typed and retyped this line.  I started off listing monumental events and pursuits for the last three years, but, honestly, that annoyed me.  I do it.  The list of busy.  We all do it because somehow hearing it makes us feel justified in our crazy town schedule. Deep inside you want someone to rescue you.

I will share this. After a three-year, intense doctorate program and an eventful year–graduation and my oldest daughter’s engagement and wedding– I found myself in a place.  I can’t even describe it to you.  It’s not a bad or sad place.  Just a place.

Once I hit the main street station of this place, and I realized that my train was not coming (no one is going to rescue me), I sat in the lobby of life, and God poured out a message.

Pursue Me.

Pursue less.

When I…

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