With a breath of kindness blow the chaff away….

19 Nov

This was a great read – sure made me stop and think…


God amazes and overwhelms me. His Word is filled with truth that confounds the wise.  There are verses that are so familiar that they have been quoted on souvenirs in the most unlikely places and shops.  They sound profound, but do we truly practice them?  God’s Word is not sentiment.  God’s Word is to be practiced with reverential awe and respect that demonstrates that we believe His Word to be true.  His Word can change us.

The age-old problem.

Getting along with those who hurt you, or offend you.

There are four things God specifically tells you to do. When you read this, you’ll either say, “You are crazy–not doing that!” or you’ll think lofty thoughts from your couch–“Yes! Jesus, you are awesome!  I can do that!”

But, then….

It happens.  You are offended and/or hurt.

Will you obey, or justify your actions and feelings?  Let’s assume that we are…

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