Extravagant Love: Receive and Give

5 Nov

Celebrating life – living and loving with all your heart and soul. Being thankful everyday for God’s gifts of grace and mercy!


In Mark chapter 14 a woman comes to Jesus and pours expensive perfume on His head.  She did this act of extravagant love surrounded by those who quickly found fault with her–judging her, and giving her advice.  I’ve grown up with this passage, and it always moves me.  Joyce Meyer took this passage and gave an even greater, deeper meaning for me.  The woman chose to love extravagantly, and Jesus, the Son of God, was deeply touched by her act of love.  It prepared Him for the difficult journey ahead.  Wasteful? Perhaps.  Could she have sold it and purchased food for the poor.  Yes.  Was the act necessary for Jesus to carry out His work on the cross? Nothing would stop Jesus’ act of love for us.

…..Some of the people there became angry. They said to one another, “Why waste this perfume?It could have been sold for more…

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