Do it anyway

24 Sep

How many times have we not done something just because we “don’t feel like it”? This was so inspiring…


There is a concentrated movement to “enjoy the journey” and enjoy the moment, or the process that leads to an outcome.  If we lament the details, we will spend most of our life in complaint, worry, or not recognizing the benefits of growth.

I was working with my 10-year-old in a life lesson talk.  It started off pretty rocky, but once we settled in. and the Spirit took over, it became one of those life-changing moments–the details of life.  This talk erupted in the middle of a million things going on at once, but time stood still for this conversation.  I sat there trying to explain to her that life was filled with choices that have pros and cons.  We consider the choices and ask God to give us direction.  She desires to apply to a program, and we were reviewing the application and the requirements.  As we read the…

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